Harris Foodlines in NY state

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Harris Foodlines in NY state

Post by drpep » 11 May 2007 19:34

Does anyone know of the former Harris Foodlines grocery stores that were in the Corning and Elmira NY areas in the mid 70's? I don't know how many stores there were or what the full territory was.
I remember one in Corning, NY in the mid to late 70's. After the store went out of business Grand Union moved in then in the very late 70's or very early 80's it became a Great American and remained that until the mid to late 80's when Great American left the area and the building was converted into medical offices.
I have a vague memory of the stores sign being purple.

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Re: Harris Foodlines in NY state

Post by lupole » 30 Mar 2010 10:22

I know the Harris family that owned Harris Foodlines, Inc.. Harris Foodlines, Inc., had its beginning in Vestal New York. A little place called Ross Corners within the Vestal borders. The original store was a mom and pop type. No sure on the year, but one of the Harris sons Dwight joined his father in the store, but wanted it to grow.

Dwight Harris went to school with my mother, so she know him well. Anyway as the story goes.

Dwight was full of vigor and wanted to expand the mom and pop store that his father built. Against opposition, he convinced his father to build a larger store on a lot just over from the original store. This was at the main intersection in Ross Corners and was a good solid location for the new store. There were accounts receivables owed by customers who were willing to help work on the store construction to pay off their debits; cutting the construction cost. In a few short years Dwight built another larger store at the other side of the intersection. And from there he started building a store chain I am not sure, but I believe he built the chain to about 14 or 15 stores "Not exactly positive on the number of stores". One was in Corning and Elmira. Eventually the family sold the store chain to Great American.

The Harris family "Dwights sons", now own and operate the Royal Motors Group out of Owego New York.

I once worked for Harris foodlines as a stocker and bag boy, while still in high school as a part time job, in the second larger store Dwight built in the first intersection. Eventually this store became a Great American store and operated for many years as such. It did eventually close and is still an empty building to this day.

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