Another Red and White Store closing

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Another Red and White Store closing

Post by ajsanjua » 15 Jul 2010 12:48

One of the last independent supermarkets in northeastern NC is closing after ~30-40(?) years in South Mills, halfway between Chesapeake, VA and Elizabeth City, NC. I learned of the tragedy in the papers this morning and ventured there shortly after. Pictures are included below.

Most of the store's seven aisles were still fully stocked, except for reduced selections of produce, dairy and soda. The store's prices were pretty competitive with chain stores, even considering its grocery monopoly within a twenty-five mile radius, but with most locals commuting to EC or Virginia for work, well you know - so does their grocery spending. It's sad to see another unique and frankly vintage supermarket go. Wood panelled walls, A&P-like aisle hangers, plus most of their produce and meats (huge meat department!) seem to be locally sourced. While the store is stated as a Red and White Independent, might anyone else know if some of the fixtures be reminiscent of other chains circa 1950s-1970s?

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Re: Another Red and White Store closing

Post by Steve Landry » 16 Jul 2010 04:29

not helpful to you but I have to say.............the only other store I have ever seen wood paneling in was Frederick's Market in South Florida.........

weird (for me) :-)
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Re: Another Red and White Store closing

Post by dooneyt63 » 16 Jul 2010 18:37

Wood paneling was not uncommon, especially in small, independent operations. A local IGA comes to mind as well as still extant Village Supermarket in Shalimar, FL. Also, many of the Gibson's Discount Centers with full (produce and meat market) grocery departments had wood paneling. The heyday for this was the mid-1960's-early 1970's.

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