Former Kroger Columbus GEORGIA

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Edric Floyd
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Former Kroger Columbus GEORGIA

Post by Edric Floyd » 05 Aug 2007 22:32

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Post by rich » 05 Aug 2007 22:49

Kroger used pylons like the one on the store during the early to mid-50s, but it's an odd piece to have stuck around this long.

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Post by Swifty » 06 Aug 2007 11:39

Definitely an old Kroger. Not sure when Kroger left the Columbus market, but it hasn't been there since at least the mid-70s.

(Confirmed by people who lived in Columbus long before I was born.)

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Post by krogerclerk » 10 Aug 2007 13:59

Kroger left Columbus in 1972, in the 1970-1972 the Kroger Atlanta division closed stores in Gadsen, AL, Brimingham metro, Anniston-Oxford,AL, Lanett, AL and Columbus, GA. A Kroger across the Chattahoochee in Phenix City, AL closed either in the early or mid-60's. Most of the Columbus stores were constructed around 1957-1958. At the time of the closure, Kroger operated 3 locations in Columbus, but I don't have the addresses readily available.

I can't confirm whether or not Kroger had any stores in Columbus prior to these 3 stores, but it's likely that they were replacements for Piggly Wiggly locations as were most of Georgia Kroger locations constructed in the 1950's.

A very similar building stands on McCallie Avenue in Chattanooga, TN that was one of the first Kroger locations in Chattanooga. Located across from the McCallie School, near the Brainerd Tunnels(through Missionary Ridge), it's a relatively intact building abbuting the sidewalk with adjacent parking on the side.

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