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by buckhead
12 Feb 2007 15:46
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Topic: Trading Stamp Memories
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Trading Stamp Memories

From the early 60s through the 1991 I lived in Georgia and Florida, and had reason to travel to surrounding states. The trading stamps that I encountered most were S&H (Green), Gold Bond, Top Value, Holden S Red, Plaid. King Korn, Quality, Greenbax,Gold Strike, and King Korn. In the heyday of tradin...
by buckhead
12 Feb 2007 13:28
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: Grand Union
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Grand Union

IIRC, Grand Union also had a presence in Florida in the Tampa area (as well as South Florida) and possibly a bit further north. It sold most of these locations to Colonial Stores in the 70s, which rebranded them as Big Star. Colonial already had a presence under the Big Star name in Jacksonville tha...