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by lvkewlkid
01 Dec 2006 03:42
Forum: History: USA Southwest and Hawaii (Excluding California)
Topic: Closed VONS, closed Albertsons, Las Vegas, NV
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Closed VONS, closed Albertsons, Las Vegas, NV

I've noticed that at Eastern and Desert Inn there used to be a VONS where the La Bonita Supermercado stands, and its obvious because VONS still has it on there store locator and the signage inside. The location is 2500 E. Desert Inn, Las Vegas, NV. When you look at the assessor records, it shows tha...
by lvkewlkid
25 Nov 2006 20:46
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Weirdest combination of grocery store and other business?
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In Las Vegas, we have a VONS that has a Jamba Juice, a Staples, Starbucks, Panda Express, and Bank of America inside. There also used to be a Blockbuster inside as well.
by lvkewlkid
25 Nov 2006 19:48
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Vons on Catalina Island: former Safeway?
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Isn't the Vons Gas Station at Maryland and Twain in Las Vegas a VONS Express?