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by scott7789
17 Mar 2008 21:19
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Extinct Supermarket Merchandise
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Re: Extinct Supermarket Merchandise

Okay, here goes. Spacefood Sticks, Faygo soda had about 25 flavors and was a hot diet soda in the day. Treesweet frozen OJ. Skippy chunk style peanut Butter with bacon bits. Pinecone canned Tomatoes. Toilet Paper came in all major colors(pink blue yellow green as well as white) I worked as a stock c...
by scott7789
17 Mar 2008 21:01
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: Two Guys Discount Stores
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Re: Two Guys Discount Stores

Two Guys in Scj=henectady, New York played a huge part in my growing up. It, in my opinion was the best overall store of its kind ever. The only thing I wouldn't personally buy there was clothes. Their record dept was second to none. Their hobby center sold old vintage coins which you could examine ...