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by mfricke
27 Nov 2008 03:55
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Chino chain grocer update
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Re: Chino chain grocer update

I grew up in this area, so I do remember all of these stores. Thank you for doing this very interesting research on my old neighborhood! Some additional notes about these stores are: 12155 Central (at 60 Freeway) It opened around 1982 as a Market Basket. It became a Ralphs for a short while, and the...
by mfricke
28 Jul 2008 16:29
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Vons stores with old interiors
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Re: Vons stores with old interiors

The Vons store in Canyon Country (Soledad Canyon and Sand Canyon Rd) still has the old red and white interior. Word around town has it that the company is trying to buy up the land that is currently a drying up mobile home park across the street, and to build a new Pavilions on that lot. I would ass...
by mfricke
13 Jun 2007 22:10
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Hughes Market in Southern California
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Just a few locations that I know of that are former Hughes stores (all are currently operating as Ralphs, unless otherwise noted): Valencia: Granary Square on McBean Stevenson Ranch: Old Road and Pico Canyon Road Pomona: Holt near White (moved to Haven Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga) Rancho Cucamonga: Hav...
by mfricke
13 Jun 2007 22:02
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Food 4 Less Pomona North (Montclair / Claremont Border)
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It is a former Boys Market. I grew up near that location (when the Sears was across the street), and remember the Boys market. I don't remember the Market Basket, but it probably was there. Indian Hill Blvd. has a rich grocery history. The location in the mall where the Pomona USD now is located was...
by mfricke
01 Nov 2006 22:12
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: A big discovery: 1976 Safeway California map!
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Chino Safeway

Chino: I'm going to guess that it's the one on the southwest corner, where the Smart & Final is. The last I remember it was an Alpha Beta. The Albertsons was built about 15 years ago as an ABS, not Lucky. This thread says that the Gigante is a new b...
by mfricke
10 Oct 2006 23:23
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Vons Lifestyle remodels of old interiors
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Canyon Country Vons

Well, since the topic is about Safeway Lifestyle remodel of old Vons interiors... Last time I was out in Canyon Country, I noticed the Vons store there on Sand Canyon and the 14 Freeway still had the old blacnk and white interior. Considering all the other Santa Clarita Vons and Pavilions stores hav...
by mfricke
09 Mar 2006 22:06
Forum: History: USA California
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The Vons in Chino on Central and the 60 Freeway was converted to a Pak n' Save in 1999, and closed in 2005. As far as I know, it was the only Pak n' Save owned bySafeway/Vons in Southern California. According to the employees, they ran it as a trial, to determine if the market was there for more Pak...
by mfricke
24 Jan 2006 23:55
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Williams Brothers
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Williams Bros.

I do remember Williams Bros. They were a Central Coast grocery chain that operated in northern Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo (and maybe some other?) counties. I am familiar with the city of Santa Maria, and one of their former stores is still operating as a Vons, the one on East Main St. There w...
by mfricke
09 Dec 2005 23:03
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Who remembers store brand beer?
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Ralphs had plain wrap beer when they introduced the plain wrap label around 20 years ago. As all plain wrap products, it had a blue stripe around it, and the word "BEER" on it. It was something Homer SImpson would love... On a side note, I have friends who prefer the Safeway Select vodka over name b...
by mfricke
08 Dec 2005 23:22
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Does anybody remember Mayfair Mkts. Discount Grocery Store?
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I remember Mayfair Markets! They had a store in Montclair, on Central Ave. and Benito St. They even remodeled it, but still we could never go there, because my mom thought their quality was way below Stater Bros., so I probably only went in there once or twice. Does the Mayfair Market in Silver Lake...
by mfricke
08 Dec 2005 23:18
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: LA Safeways That Became Vons
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There are a few more I can think of: Former Safeways that became and are still Vons stores: 1. West Los Angeles - Santa Monica Bl. and Barrington 2. Malibu - Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset 3. Ventura - East Telegraph Road The first two were still existing Marina Safeways last time I've been by the...
by mfricke
08 Dec 2005 23:01
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Market Basket Locations
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Market Basket Locations

I do remember few Market Basket locations in the Ontario/Chino area. One was on Mountain Ave. between 4th St. and I St in Ontario. After MB left, it became a Boys Market, then a House of Fabrics, and then urban renewal saw the entire center torn down and rebuilt as an Albertsons. One in Chino was bu...