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by Balalaika762
24 Sep 2018 12:11
Forum: History: Canada
Topic: Stores in London, Ontario
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Re: Stores in London, Ontario

When you're talking about Delhi, is it Delhi in India or a city called like that in Canada? Sorry if the question sounds dumb, but if someone was talking to me about stores in London, my first thought wouldn't have been about Ontario ; hell, if I remember, there are even cities called Rome, Paris, S...
by Balalaika762
24 Sep 2018 12:06
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: Dairy Queen Through the Years
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Re: Dairy Queen Through the Years

I googled Dairy Queen Texas when I learnt that it was a semi-autonomous brand, and look at what the search engine dug up! A genuine 1970 vintage Texas DQ restaurant for sale! Maybe I'll sound stupid, but I didn't know you could buy them like that... By ...
by Balalaika762
24 Sep 2018 12:00
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: The oldest Kroger store in operation?
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Re: The oldest Kroger store in operation?

I think this one's a serious contender ; I've already written something like 18 pages on Kroger stores after reading ten times that, and I haven't got any mention of something older still being in operated. And the archives pic at the end of the linked thread is already in my list of extra info!
by Balalaika762
24 Sep 2018 11:57
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: New York: Bohacks
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Re: New York: Bohacks

I'd like to double on that question ; I'm, basically, researching the history of supermarkets, and I've got huge gaps in my sources when it comes to the whole concept of village stores. So, if you guys have news articles or archives regarding these, I'd like to know as well! (and don't worry, I'm no...