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by Tortuga One
11 Jul 2010 02:12
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Ralphs - Crenshaw/Rodeo
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Re: Ralphs - Crenshaw/Rodeo

The original Ralphs Supermarket was located catty corner to the Current Ralphs. Currently there is a Shell Gas Station and the Department of Probation on the former site of the original Ralphs. The former Ralphs was located on Crenshaw between Exposition and Rodeo. Photos of the old store can be see...
by Tortuga One
28 Dec 2009 22:02
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Unknown Ralphs location in Los Angeles
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Re: Unknown Ralphs location in Los Angeles

I missed this posting by about 3 years. This is a former Ralphs located in Santa Monica. Ralphs left this site in the 1960s. It was vacant for a long time, then a store called Europa took over the building until the late 1980s or early 1990s. Barnes and Noble took over the old store, gutted it, and ...
by Tortuga One
02 Dec 2009 22:27
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Temple City Former Albertson's
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Re: Temple City Former Albertson's

Today, I drove past the former Albertsons. They are now actually working on the outside and the inside. The door was open and I could see that the inside was totally empty with the back walls painted white.
by Tortuga One
18 Oct 2008 20:52
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Mayfair Market in Century City
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Re: Mayfair Market in Century City

Awsome find! I have lived in Los Angeles all my life, been going to Century City Mall since its birth in the mid 1960s, and only remember Gelsons as Gelsons. Wow. I am really blown away on that one. For the last few years, the only place that you can park is in the mall's large multi level parking s...
by Tortuga One
27 Jul 2008 12:19
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Vons Locations, 1967
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Re: Vons Locations, 1967

Thank You for posting the VONS locations for 1967. I had been looking and waiting to find a list of locations for around this time period. 1020 So. Crenshaw Los Angeles was open until the early 1980s, it has been converted/rehabbed/modified into a sports building with a golf range and a giant green ...
by Tortuga One
10 Apr 2008 23:43
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Mystery Ralphs location on
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Re: Mystery Ralphs location on

The color and black/white pictures appears to be the former Ralphs that used to be on the corner of Crescent and Wilshire. The Beverly Hills Store operated until at least until 1974/1975. That was around the last time that I shopped there as a teenager. Buying junk food of course. The store had been...
by Tortuga One
02 Jan 2008 22:33
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Gigante History
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Gigante History

According to our local Gigante's Weekly Supermarket Flyer that comes in the mail, dated Friday Decembr 26, 2007 to January 3, 2008: Arleta 9710 Woodman Ave. Covina 960 W. Arrow Hwy. LA-Gage Ave 1301 E. Gage Ave.,Bldg. A. Santa Fe Springs 10531 S. Carmenita Road LA-Slauson 1100 West Slauson Ave. Anah...
by Tortuga One
29 Dec 2007 23:34
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Before and After Remodel Photos
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Re: Before and After Remodel Photos

Good photos of the before and after conversions. About a year ago I found an Albertsons in Glendora, California at Grand and Route 66 that has the identifcal decor. I always wondered if this was an Albertsons' original decor or decor from a previous chain that Albertsons took over.
by Tortuga One
21 Nov 2007 23:34
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Chains with two stores very close to each other
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The original Marina Market was owned by Boys Markets. It was a Boys' Market, but upscale for the area, called Marina Market. Somewhere around the early 1990's, the original Ralphs Supermarket chain had selected a site across the street, which was a former telephone company site. However the neighbor...
by Tortuga One
29 Sep 2007 13:35
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Huntington Beach Albertsons to Close
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You are welcome.

Another former Gemco Supermarket/Department Store site is the store in Culver City, California on Mesmer.
by Tortuga One
25 Sep 2007 22:41
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: 1967 vintage Gemco (now Target) to close Jan 6
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Thank you for your kind words in regards to my photos. Tortuga One.
by Tortuga One
03 Jun 2007 06:47
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Big Lots Western/Slauson
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Do you mean the store across from the Food4Less/Home Depot Shopping Center? Yes it was a supermarket. I know it was an ABC Supermarket in the past. From approximately the late 1970's until the early 1980's, it was an ABC Supermarket. Shortly after the supermarket closed, it became a church. I believ...
by Tortuga One
13 Mar 2007 00:58
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: CompUSA Culver City
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Jefferson Bowl Comp USA

The Culver City Caifornia, Comp U.S.A. store is in a strip mall with several other retail stores. The strip mall replaced the demolished Jefferson Bowl building several years ago. The Comp U.S.A. store portion/section in the strip mall complex was never a supermarket.