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by rich
16 Jun 2021 16:38
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: NEW: Allentown PA, 1925-2021
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Re: NEW: Allentown PA, 1925-2021

Acme's corporate name was "Acme Markets" for a while (60s until merger with Skagg's, et al.), after which it reverted back to American Stores.
by rich
08 Jun 2021 14:07
Forum: History: USA Southwest and Hawaii (Excluding California)
Topic: NEW: Tulsa OK, 1925-2021
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Re: NEW: Tulsa OK, 1925-2021

Ideal eventually came under the same ownership as Humpty Dumpty---Allied Supermarkets bought Humpty in 1959 and Ideal in 1960.
by rich
01 May 2021 08:25
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: "First" JCPenney Catalog
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Re: "First" JCPenney Catalog

Penney's was the subject of a case study at Harvard business school in 1958. Ironically, the push into hardlines didn't last long and although their catalog outlasted Sears, it was really their old, core business that outlasted Sears and Wards. Penney's already was rapidly opening stores in suburban...
by rich
15 Apr 2021 10:35
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: Fazio's Discount Drug
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Re: Fazio's Discount Drug

Jote's is mentioned in the obit that's linked and John Fazio ran it with his second wife from Dallas after they relocated. The store on Lake Shore Blvd that is now a Marc's was, indeed, the Jote's. I've been to it in all its incarnations (even pre-Jote's). It was a former Sears store (one of their m...
by rich
01 Apr 2021 10:02
Forum: History: USA Southeast
Topic: Colonial Stores in Florida
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Re: Colonial Stores in Florida

Colonial had a Jacksonville Division as of 1970. The chain had been closing stores in Ohio from the mid-60s, at the outer edges of its territory there (places like Mansfield, Fremont and Lima) and had sold its Indiana stores back to their former owners in the last 50s, but otherwise seemed to be at ...
by rich
09 Mar 2021 23:38
Forum: History: USA Midwest/Plains
Topic: Kroger in Cleveland
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Re: Kroger in Cleveland

Barney's was large, warehouse format. They opened it in two former discount stores (one was a Spartan-Atlantic, I don't know about the other). The Spartan-Atlantic was on Lakeland Blvd at East 305th Street in Wickliffe---it later became Carl's, a similar format operated by Fisher Foods. The building...
by rich
24 Feb 2021 09:16
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: What is the oldest Safeway in operation?
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Re: What is the oldest Safeway in operation?

The Soviet Safeway on 17th Street at Corcoran in DC is probably a contender. The facade was remodeled at some point--probably the 70s judging from the arched style and the 17th Street storefront may have been expanded at some point. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Corcoran Street side was expand...
by rich
04 Feb 2021 09:36
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: SuperFresh/A&P in Washington, DC
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Re: SuperFresh/A&P in Washington, DC

You can probably find examples of landmark applications online that would give you an idea of the general considerations. This store was the last A&P in DC but had been altered and was not necessarily the best example of its design prototype. It also isn't the only remaining centennial in the ar...
by rich
31 Jan 2021 11:14
Forum: History: USA Midwest/Plains
Topic: NEW: Omaha, 1925-2021
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Re: NEW: Omaha, 1925-2021

"no frills" (no caps) was a Loblaw banner--the timing is right, but not the location unless they happened to own a wholesaler there. Their main US subsidiary, National Tea, had had stores in Nebraska, but not Omaha and had sold off their more Western operations by the mid 80s, anyway. The ...
by rich
09 Jan 2021 12:36
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Acme to IGA conversion, Keyser, WV
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Re: Acme to IGA conversion, Keyser, WV

Safeway probably had stores in Martinsburg, Cumberland, Hagerstown and Winchester, so Keyser isn't outside the realm of possibility. Newspapers from larger towns might have mentioned locations or store openings---Cumberland being the most likely candidate.
by rich
06 Jan 2021 11:02
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: NEW: Bridgeport CT, 1925-1985
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Re: NEW: Bridgeport CT, 1925-1985

It's difficult to get history on Mott's, but they date back to at least 1960 as a Shop-Rite chain. They dominated Hartford/Central Connecticut during the 70s and 80s which was a very competitive marketplace (Finast did well there and Food Mart was their closest competitor, plus there was Stop & ...
by rich
01 Jan 2021 11:53
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: New location list: Fairmont WV, 1927-2015
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Re: New location list: Fairmont WV, 1927-2015

Food Fair most likely would have been in Martinsburg, which is in the eastern panhandle and had other chains that had DC-Baltimore operations. Further west gest into logistics issues because of crossing the Allegheny Front, which is still a formidable barrier in places. I was in Baltimore a few days...
by rich
20 Nov 2020 12:54
Forum: History: USA Midwest/Plains
Topic: NEW: Flint MI, 1925-1989
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Re: NEW: Flint MI, 1925-1989

National sold their Detroit division stores in 1966 and the stores in that Division seem to have been thinly distributed given the population and geography they covered. More interesting is that Food Fair/Farmer Jack never had stores in the Flint area. They had a store in Toledo (and several there u...
by rich
15 Nov 2020 09:10
Forum: History: Drugstore Chains
Topic: Walgreen Agency?
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Re: Walgreen Agency?

They weren't only in small towns. They also were in large markets where Walgreen's didn't have locations. There was one at Eastgate shopping center outside of Cleveland in what might have been originally a chain drug store and I've seen old ads for them in other sizable places. During the mid 20th c...
by rich
13 Nov 2020 18:29
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: NEW: Washington PA, 1926-2015
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Re: NEW: Washington PA, 1926-2015

PH Butler was the ancestor of Streamline and ultimately Thorofare.