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by MBZ321
09 Jan 2014 00:40
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Giant Food in Philadelphia Area
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Re: Giant Food in Philadelphia Area

Giant only bought the above location because Safeway would only give up the Feasterville store if Giant took over the lease on the Warrington store. It was just kind of there for the 'hell of it'. It never made a profit in the 2 years Giant occupied it, and I doubt it ever saw much profit as a Genua...
by MBZ321
10 Nov 2010 14:28
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Genuardi's locations, remaining
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Re: Genuardi's locations, remaining

Jamison opened in 1999 in a new shopping center. It has since been given a lifestyle remodel and added a pharmacy. Warrington (now closing) opened in 2001 and never saw a remodel. Everything in this store still pretty much looks like new due to the low amount of traffic. It will be interesting to se...
by MBZ321
10 Nov 2010 14:21
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Modern Genuardi's closures
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Re: Modern Genuardi's closures

The Warrington Genuardi's store was never a busy one. This store opened in 2001 around the time of the family sell-off (out), and was the last location that the Genuardi family had a part of. Wegmans opened across the road in 2006, pretty much killing off whatever business they had. The store also h...
by MBZ321
23 Oct 2010 16:14
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Thriftway vs. Shop 'n Bag
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Re: Thriftway vs. Shop 'n Bag

You can see the original Shop 'n Bag logo in this 1987 commercial: And yes, as mentioned, there isn't much left of Thriftway and Shop 'n Bag (although currently, they have about the same number of stores as Genuardi's). There are some multi-store grocers fa...
by MBZ321
30 Aug 2010 15:25
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Genuardi's locations in PA
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Re: Genuardi's locations in PA

Jamison opened in 1999...a small store in a small town, but was given a full Lifestyle remodel a few years ago. A pharmacy was later added in under Safeway's ownership. (You have "Warrick" listed as a town, which is likely a misspelling of Warwick Township, which is made up of Jamison and that is al...
by MBZ321
01 Jul 2009 12:05
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Extinct Supermarket Merchandise
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Re: Extinct Supermarket Merchandise

I miss Fab One Shots. It was like a pair of fabric softener sheets with big holes. And one load's worth of powdered detergent stuffed between them. The soap dissolved (mostly) in the wash. And then the empty envelope was your fabric softener sheet in the dryer. Perfect for college kids. Ingenious. ...
by MBZ321
24 Mar 2009 21:39
Forum: History: USA Southwest and Hawaii (Excluding California)
Topic: Smith's/PriceRite/Food4Less Las Vegas
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Re: Smith's/PriceRite/Food4Less Las Vegas

Question: Were these "Price Rite" stores somehow linked to the ones currently owned by Wakefern Food Corp. (aka. Shop Rite) on the East Coast?
by MBZ321
08 Dec 2008 21:37
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Supermarket logos used for other purposes.
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Re: Supermarket logos used for other purposes.

Was this logo on a price sign or something? I doubt it was something produced by the Lucky Jeans Co. Itself. I have seen many times in print ads, printed signs, etc. people may use the wrong logo (usually pulled off google) to show a brand even if they're not related. And Kind of off topic, but in t...
by MBZ321
10 Nov 2008 19:39
Forum: History: Specialty Retail Chains
Topic: Kids R Us
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Re: Kids R Us

The ones around the Philly area all became Office Depot's.... (they were pretty much non-existent in the area before that).
by MBZ321
16 Oct 2008 20:25
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: Former Boston Market locations in your area
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Re: Former Boston Market locations in your area

All the Boston Market's in PA (at least in South eastern PA) were former Roy Rogers locations. There are a scattered few still open as Boston Market, but many have been converted to other restaurants (Wendy's, Saladworks, etc.). A few near me converted to Donato's pizza restaurants (during the time ...
by MBZ321
05 Aug 2008 22:09
Forum: History: USA Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Summer Road Trip to Philadelphia and Suburbs
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Re: Summer Road Trip to Philadelphia and Suburbs

Image# 34: I didn't know Acme still had stores that looked like this. Surprised given this area is more upscale (There is a Wegmans in Princeton, NJ). Image # 47...There is another Big Marty's in Hatboro, PA that looks exactly like the one pictured. I guess it was an Acme too at one point as mention...
by MBZ321
26 Feb 2008 19:16
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: Super Fresh-does it still exist?
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Re: Super Fresh-does it still exist?

SuperFresh is still around...somehow. They acquired a bunch of locations (mostly the smaller, older stores that Giant didn't grab up) in the Philly suburbs from the now-defunct Clemens Family Markets earlier last year. Of course now Pathmark is part of A&P/Super Fresh.
by MBZ321
21 Oct 2007 21:41
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Number plates on shopping carts
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Oddly enough, the "Super G" chain (which was really just Giant-MD..don't know if they had the same carts though) had numbered (and very tiny) carts when they breifly made an appearance in the Philly area in the late-90's. I figured it was just a way for them to keep track of missing carts (but seeme...
by MBZ321
10 Aug 2007 19:48
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Max Foods Montebello Closing
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I'm assuming the entrance/exterior is left over from its past life as a discount store? Looks kind of odd on a grocery store.
by MBZ321
08 Aug 2007 15:06
Forum: History: Drugstore Chains
Topic: Rite-Aid Sign Replacements for Acquired Chains
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I'll share what i've seen with Rite Aid in the Philly area: Older strip center stores used to feature a rectangle sign with the Rite Aid "shild" followed by the word "Pharmacy" I don't know if the sign frames were put up by Rite Aid or the previous stores, as I know most of the strip stores were onc...