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by GreenFalcon
31 Oct 2011 01:28
Forum: History: Drugstore Chains
Topic: Thrifty Drug Store, Stockton, CA 1969
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Thrifty Drug Store, Stockton, CA 1969 ... =1&theater

Our local Facebook history group has been turning up some interesting historical photos. This is part of a series of then and now photos from a retired police department photographer.
by GreenFalcon
15 Dec 2010 04:36
Forum: Announcements, FAQs, Etc.
Topic: Current Events Forum
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Re: Current Events Forum

For those with access to Usenet, there is, which would be another good place to discuss current events, and would be good for those not comfortable with a moderator.
by GreenFalcon
11 Dec 2008 04:26
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Supermarket jingles
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Re: Supermarket jingles

Although I haven't heard it in over twenty years, I can still remember most of the Fry's jingle from when they operated here in CA:

"Fresh to you every day, in that easy shopping way! For the low, low prices you've been looking for, depend on Fry's food stores!"
by GreenFalcon
29 Mar 2007 19:12
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: Old Department Store Restaurants
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I really like the idea of restaurants in department stores. The only one I know of now is Nordstroms in Santa Barbara, CA. Any others? ugh the 60's. The Modesto, CA Gottschalks still has an operating restaurant leftover from Weinstocks. The menu and decor remain mostly untouched from how Weinstocks...
by GreenFalcon
30 Oct 2006 01:08
Forum: History: USA Midwest/Plains
Topic: Kohl's Supermarkets in the Chicago Area
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Re: 7175 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincolnwood IL

This one's pretty beautiful, methinks. I vaguely remember seeing a photo of a similarly-style Jewel at some point, but I'm not 100% certain. Could just be a very nice independent or some other chain. Ideas welcome. Looks quite similar to a Kohl's pictured on this page:
by GreenFalcon
07 May 2006 01:27
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Cala/Bell Sold (12 stores)
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I suspect these stores will be supplied by C&S. No way will they continue to stock Kroger house brands. Saw someting interesting at the San Carlos branch this evening, Best Yet root beer! The San Carlos store is one of my favorites, not only in basic decor and size, but the historic pictures on the...
by GreenFalcon
06 May 2006 03:46
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Old Ralphs interiors.
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storewanderer wrote:Here are a few pictures of a Smiths that opened in Reno, NV that was built in 2004.
Similar in some ways to the Elk Grove Ralphs.
by GreenFalcon
25 Apr 2006 23:54
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Cost Less in Oakdale.
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Re: Cost Less in Oakdale.

romleys wrote:The stream/river might be known as Whisky River. I am just guessing this is the name of the stream because of the nearby saloon.
That would be the Stanislaus River.
by GreenFalcon
25 Dec 2005 16:32
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: Sambo's Restaurant Locations in California
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Re: Sambo's Restaurant Locations in California

romleys wrote:Does anybody no the towns and hopefully the addresses of any former Sambo's restaurants (preferably w/ googie architecture).
No exact address, but there was one on Center JSO Weber here in Stockton.
by GreenFalcon
18 Dec 2005 04:20
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: KMart Cafeteria and Other Restaurants
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This whole thread is getting me sort of nostalgic for a trip to a Kmart from, say, 1975, where we can all have cheeseburgers at the cafeteria, stick our hands through the plexiglass to look at 8-tracks, and then stand in line for half an hour while the cashiers tear off every price tag and put it i...